Knowledge as a Tool for Change

In 2012, we completed many cross-border pro bono research projects, which involved 54 partners and 423 lawyers and legal staff from 34 offices. Highlights are listed here.


A review of draft guidelines governing how torture claims made under Article 22 of the UN Convention on Torture should be assessed under the Convention and international law for The Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice

Voting Rights

An amicus brief to the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court on the adverse impact of the state’s photo identification voting laws on Asian American voters for Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund


A report on divorce and annulment laws in the European Union for The AIRE Centre on behalf of a domestic violence victim

Inhumane Sentencing of Children

A report on the laws, or lack thereof, and related statistics regarding the inhumane sentencing of children in nine countries for Child Rights International Network


A white paper on inheritance and succession laws in Uganda for Lawyers Without Borders

School Segregation

An analysis of the Czech Anti-Discrimination Act as it relates to school segregation against Roma and other populations for the Open Society Institute

Treatment of LGBT Employees

A review of laws in four countries related to treatment of LGBT employees for Human Rights Campaign


A report that examines the laws affecting homelessness across ten European countries for the European Federation of National Organizations Working with the Homeless

Indigenous People

A guide on standards of corporate interaction with indigenous peoples, developed in collaboration with the United Nations Global Compact and indigenous leaders


A survey of developing law in six countries rejecting the “discretion requirement” in LGBT asylum cases for Interights

Natural Disasters

A survey of laws and regulations for the reduction of risk in natural disasters in China and Hong Kong for The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Judicial Transparency

A report on standards for publication policies of US judicial decisions to improve judicial transparency and public access to the law in eight South American countries for Articulación Regional Feminista